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Support Our Public Lands

Grand Adventure Co Supports Our Public Lands & Wildlife


Here at Grand Adventure Company, we love the outdoors and it is our long-term goal to provide lodging that gets you “closer to your adventures”. Whether your adventures include skiing, hiking, biking, fishing, or hunting, most of those will take you into some part of the public lands system. We believe greatly in the value of public lands in the United States and in Conservation programs to restore and maintain habitats for wildlife. We want to do our part to ensure the future of our lands and their ecosystems. A portion of all our revenue is donated to organizations including the National Parks Foundation, Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership and the National Forest Foundation. If you have a favorite organization or project that follows our initiatives, reach out and maybe we can do something to help. See below for some information on some of these organizations and projects. As we grow, we hope to be able to list our own projects as well.


National Parks Foundation:

The National Parks Foundation is the official charity of the National Parks Service and it supports projects and programs across the National Parks System. Founded in 1967 as the nonprofit partner whose sole purpose is to support our national parks. You can find out more about the projects and programs of the NPF here.


National Forest Foundation:

The National Forest Foundation is the official nonprofit partner of the National Forest Service whose mission is to engage Americans in promoting the health and public enjoyment of our national forests. You can find out more about the NFF and their programs here.


Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

The mission of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership is to unite and amplify our partners’ voices to advance America’s legacy of conservation, habitat and access. Roosevelt said “There can be no greater issue than that of conservation in this country”. You can find out more about the TRCP here.